The Company was founded in 1902 by Lotario Dickmann and has a consolidated experience in the field of soft solder. It started as agent and distributor of a leading German Company, but immediately after world war 2 it started its own production of soft solder line with the brand DIXTRA®.

Since the late 60's it started to import the STARLOCK® fixing washers, that allow a great strength on cylinder shafts.

Today, in the Cinisello Balsamo plant, the Company manufactures solder alloys, using high quality raw materials, employing expert personnel with a long-term experience in the process. Quality control is accurate, using the most updated and innovative instruments.

Through a long-term cooperation with the world leading solder Company AIM, Dickmann offers a wide range of high-quality products.

Since 1997 Dickmann is AIM’s licensed blender of solder paste and fluxes and producer of solder alloys in bars and wires.

The industrial world is more and more focused on environment, and Dickmann helps its customers to find and use alloys that are in compliance with the latest European Directives that aim to eliminate dangerous chemicals and materials.

Beyond the high quality of all its products, Dickmann is particularly focused on its customers’ satisfaction, both in the aquisition of the orders and in post-sale assistance, thus obtaining long term relationship.

The Company is ISO 9001 certified since 2009 and its quality system complains ISO 9001:2015.